In your development you can be faced with all kinds of questions, concerns and challenges that are hard to solve by yourself. It can be helpful to have someone available who listens without judgement and asks the right questions. This can be an effective way to untangle the complexity of the questions and concerns and find effective ways to deal with it. At the same time the coach can help you by providing  assignments, insights or other ways of thinking.

The School for Mastery has experienced coaches available that coach people by finding their mastery. This means that the coach helps you to identify what unique capabilities you have as a person and where your mastery lies. You will investigate how you can find solutions to solve situations and have impact in the way that best suits your personality and your needs and values.

“In my search for a new direction in my career I contacted Jordy. We’ve had several conversations in which Jordy challenged me to look for my unique qualities. The process has been started and I am making beautiful steps forward. Thanks Jordy!”                                 Jeroen Smeulders (manager).

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