What do you get out of it?

Higher innovation power and impact.

A lot of developments are taking place that are expected to change the way we look at work in the future significantly. This means that as an organisation you can not offer your employees the security that was possible in earlier years. At the same time you need your employees even more. The developments happen with a faster speed which requires more initiative, innovation power and flexibility of your employees. Next to that there is growing need among employees to do more meaningful work that matters. Customers too are posing higher demands on the impact you have on society.

Get prepared for the future job market.

By enabling employees to develop and apply their mastery for your organisation, your customers and society you align better with the need of doing meaningful work. In this way you also invest in the innovation power and flexibility of your employees. And on the long run you facilitate your employees to prepare themselves for the future job market. They learn to shift their feeling of security from the external conditions more to themselves. The balance between employer and employee becomes more equal.

Letting go to stay connected.

The job market of the future is characterised by more project based work, flat organisations and temporary, innovative collaborations in varying formations. This requires an open collaboration. It also means that is becomes more important to learn to let go of employees. This does not mean that you lose them when you do this well. It requires another way of thinking. By connecting well with each other you can stay connected and be of value in different ways. As an employee, customer, ambassador, supplier, service provider, network contact and so on. The better you invest in the relationship and the trust that both parties take each other seriously the stronger the connections.