Workshop Give & Get

People that are most successful in life are people who help others naturally without expecting something in return. They also provide other people the opportunity to help them by asking for help a lot themselves.

This principle of reciprocity can be very helpful in building stronger teams. It also helps to build stronger networks and allows for quicker, cheaper and better solutions.

Workshop Give & Get:

The School for Mastery offers the workshop Give and Get. In this workshop  people can experience themselves the power of helping people and asking for help at the same time. Each participant asks for help by posing meaningful requests to the group. All the people in the group listen carefully and try to see if and how they can help that person. Everyone poses requests for help and everyone helps the people they can help.

The workshop can be done in 1 or 2 rounds and will last 3 to 5 hours. For an optimal effect a minimum number of 12 and a maximum of 24 people is required.

The Workshop Give & Get can be offered for existing teams as a teambuilding activity to strengthen the personal connections and it creates a stronger basis to help each other solving each others problems.

It can also be offered as a network activity during an event or for existing networks. In this way people connect more personally and they help each other out. The diversity of a network makes the outcomes extra strong.

For more information or if you want to organize a workshop Give and Get in your own organisation or for your network you can contact the School for Mastery via:

You can read the INSEAD leadership blog to have a better understanding of the impact it can have for both you personally and for your organization.


“I have used The workshop Give and Get for a multidisciplinary team (advised by an inspiring colleague). The workshop revealed beautiful and hidden strengths of the people in the team. By daring to ask for specific help doors opened for me with others that I didn’t even knew existed. At the same time it really felt good that I could help others myself too. Recommended!     Heleen de Heer

“It has given me the entrance to become a preferred supplier for a big multinational”.                            Franc Veeger