Do you wonder if you are still in the right place or if there is more out there?

That is very healthy. By exploring this you take yourself seriously. You are investigating if the conditions are still right to have the impact you want. By looking outside you will get a better understanding of this. You will see what’s happening that is relevant for you and if there are other places where you can be valuable. Does this mean that you will leave immediately. Absolutely not. That might happen, but it happens just as much that people decide to stay because they value again what they have. There is only one big difference, you decide to stay and commit yourself again.

To support you in this search, the School for Mastery offers advice for your orientation. It looks a bit like coaching but it is much more focused at your exploration both in and outside the company and how you can involve your network and yes, even your manager in it. If you do this well, you either stay with fresh commitment or you leave as an ambassador, a future client or business relation.

Based on an intake we will let you know in what way we can support you in your orientation.

When you are interested or curious to learn more about how we can support you, please send an E-mail to info@schoolformastery.com.