The Mastery Class

Having an impact in a changing world.
Society and the job market are changing rapidly. There are many changes happening like automation, increasing longevity and flexibilization of work. They will change the nature of work even more. It is unclear what work will look like in the future. In work nowadays the securities like a fixed contract, the brand of a company or a salary have lost their value. So where do you then get your feeling of security from? Yourself maybe? At the same time people are more and more looking for meaning and purpose in their work.  How can you have more meaningful impact in your work and be agile for future changes?

The Mastery Class

The Mastery Class is an impactful and energizing workshop in which you will explore the basics of mastery. Mastery is a different way of looking at your development that can help you have a meaningful impact and lets you be better prepared for future changes. In 2.5 hours you will identify where your potential mastery lies and how you can start to develop this.

Variety of relevant questions, inspiration and surprising assignments:

The workshop is how it actually should be: a workshop. You are doing most of the valuable work. We use a variety of assignments, relevant questions, inspirational films and stories to help you discover what is already there. And you will learn how you can start using this to have your impact.

The Mastery Guide:

In the workshop you will also use the specially designed Mastery Guide as guidance to identify your potential mastery.


The workshop can be offered to organizations or for events as a development or a recruitment activity. The participants are offered an inspiring and energetic way to think about their (Mastery) development.

You can offer them a valuable experience that may benefit them for the rest of their lives.

For questions or more information you can contact the School for Mastery at: or call +31610100359.


“This was one of the strangest workshops I have participated in! And I mean it in a good way.”

“It was a pleasure to participate in the Mastery class with my team.
We got an insightful look at who we are and what it’s important for each one of us. This is something we can use daily in our life and in our work.” (Angelo Tramonte, UTZ Certified)