Future of work

Work is expected to change significantly. Work will disappear and new work will arise. We do not know exactly in what way and with what speed. This creates anxiety. Fear however, will not help us to prepare ourselves well for that future job market. Our ability to learn will! If you allow yourself to learn again (learn like when you were a child), you will feel more confident with yourself. And you will strengthen your ability to deal with change.

The purpose economy

Finding a purpose is not only limited anymore to an individual person. People want to direct their skills, experience, time and effort towards adding value that lasts. They demand of organizations to enable them to do that and add value to. Value that is focused on adding value to all stakeholders. Not just shareholders, but also customers, employees, business partners and society at large. We will need to use our limited resources to maximize value for all. A purpose economy is about creating a better future for all by starting today.

The human side of digitisation

Technology will have a big impact. Everything that can be automated, will be automated. This will make our lives so much more easy. The time that comes available can enable us to add value only we as humans can. These involve analytical thinking, creativity, innovation and emotional intelligence. We will need to break the cycle of ‘being busy’ to achieve this. We will need to put time, effort and focus in developing these skills. We will need to bring them to the next level. We can have that human impact when we develop ourselves towards mastery.