Keynote “The Road to Mastery” (new)

Dare to learn again

Wake up and start learning again! Not just learning because you have to, but learning because you want to. Learning in such a way that you start doing again what you originally started working for. And do it in such a way that you grow your impact and you enable yourself to be better prepared for the future job market.

Future of work

Nowadays there are trendwatchers everywhere and there are many talks about “the future of….”. So we recognize that things are changing, but what’s more important is that you also start acting on it. Not out of fear because you will lose your job, but because it provides you with opportunities to have more, lasting and unique impact. In order to do so you will have to leave your ‘road to success’ and step on ‘The Road to Mastery”. This means shifting your feeling of security from your employer, contract, salary more towards yourself and the unique assets you.

Inspirational and activating talkĀ 

“The Road to Mastery” is a presentation about mastery and how this can help to grow your impact and be better prepared for the future job market. In this talk of 1 to 1,5 hours Jordy Veth explains about mastery by sharing his development towards mastery. He invites people to listen curiously and use this story to reflect on their own development towards mastery.

It can be offered at events, for employees or in networks to inspire people around talent development, the future of work and life long learning. Part of the session is that the participants will discover their “road to success” until now and explore their own “road to Mastery” so they will not only leave inspired but they also will have a clear direction that they can use in their own development.

Get a glimpse of ‘The Road to Mastery’ here.

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