Empower yourself (3 + 1 day program)

Fast changes are a given in current society. Restructurings are happening on a daily basis. Organizations that do not adapt are bound to lose. This also counts for you as an employee. The effect of the ongoing changes is that you can feel overwhelmed. That you are insecure about where things are heading and what is expected of you. In the mean time you may also be wondering what you truly find important in work, how you can increase your impact and what kind of contribution you want to have.

Exactly this changing world requires you as a professional to be proactive, to be flexible and to know what the contribution is you want to have. From dependent to autonomous, from reactive to proactive and from insecure to powerful. This means that you need to make sure that you are adding value constantly and that you continuously develop yourself. In this way you are in control and you can decide how you want to have an impact now ánd in the future.

If you know what your unique mastery is, you have an asset with which you can anticipate the changes and you can have the impact that truly matters.


The School for Mastery offers you the 3 + 1-day program ‘Empower Yourself’. In this program you will discover what truly drives you and how you can increase your impact. You are inspired and challenged to discover your personal mastery. You will learn the skills with which you can apply your mastery, with which you can continuously develop yourself and with which you are better prepared for future changes.

Goal of the program and learning results:

In this program you will become aware of what you have to offer as a unique person. You will learn how you can have a stronger focus in your development and in applying the skills and mindset that make you unique.


  • Insight in your existing and potential mastery.
  • Tools to develop and apply your mastery.
  • Limiting convictions that hinder you are decreased.
  • Specific actions are defined to have more impact.
  • Insight in the importance of vitality and seeing yourself as the most important source of investment.

You will connect with people that have similar questions but all work in different environments. These different perspectives can help you build a new focus on yourself. Together with experienced trainers from the School for Mastery you will explore what is truly important for you and how you can contribute as best as possible. You will build a basis from which you can start having more control in your work. You will start to learn how you can invest in yourself for the long term and have more impact for the short term.


Participants: This program is for professionals with a strong need and drive for development who have built 7 – 15 years of work experience and have the need to make a shift in their focus and ambition. Profession or type of company does not matter. The phase of your career and your development is much more important.

Group size: For the quality of the program and the learning the group size is restricted. A minimum of 8 people is required, and there is also a maximum capacity of 12 people. (So don’t wait too long to enroll in case you want to participate).

Location:  The location for this program will be centrally in the Netherlands in a green and relaxing environment and the program involves 2 overnight stays.

Dates:  Currently there is no date set for the next program. In case you are interested you can contact the School for Mastery. The program can also be offered as an in company-program.

Enrollment + deadline: You can contact the School for Mastery for enrollment. 

Language: The program can be offered in both Dutch and English.

Investment: The investment in yourself is 3900 euro excl. VAT for the program and 425 euro (incl. VAT) for 2 overnight stays with breakfast, lunch and dinner and free use of coffee, tea and fruit.

The School for Mastery finds it important that mastery is also available for people who have potential but have limited means. 5% of all fees is used to offer these people the opportunity to participate in activities of the School for Mastery.

If you have any questions about this program you can contact us via the contact form or you can send an email to info@schoolformastery.com

We are looking forward to supporting you in finding your mastery.

Franc & Jordy


“Some development programs are useful for the short term and others for the long term. Typical for the long term approach of Jordy and Franc is that you take a look under the hood so you can speed up your development in daily life.”                                                                                                             Alex Bogman

“Jordy en Franc are two very committed people. Without judgment, positively and constructively they help you to look deeper under the surface and they helped me become stronger both personally and professionally.”                                                                                                   Eefje Seijsener