First step towards mastery

The development of mastery starts with the first step. A traineeship is the first significant step for most graduates. A great opportunity to develop yourself and a great opportunity to start adding value with all the assets that you have built until now.

Developing experts instead of leaders.

Originally traineeships were aimed at attracting and developing the future leaders (or in practice managers). Nowadays fortunately you see more traineeships that are focused at expertise. This requires another focus in the development programs too.

Meaningful impact

Graduates that enter the job market are less motivated to be the future leader. What motivates them a lot of more is that they can have an impact that is meaningful. It’s not that they are less ambitious. They direct their focus on something that is meaningful. The organization where they start their traineeship can enable them to have that impact via their business and on the different stakeholders of the company.

Develop mastery in a traineeship

Since there is more focus on expertise and having an impact developing mastery suits very well in the personal development of trainees. It helps to create focus. Next to that trainees are being taught to adopt a mastery mindset that combines developing their talent with life long learning. Trainees will learn how to develop themselves every day. A mastery mindset will support trainees in their development and teach them that in order to have impact it is important to commit to something. The commitment is to both adding value for the company (and beyond) and their development. This combination requires trainees to both perform results and learn from the process of setting the results.

“You can perform without learning, but you can’t learn without performing.”

The School for Mastery works with people that have years of experience with the development of traineeships and trainees. In fact, it is built while the founder was responsible for a traineeship himself and believed that everybody should be able to experience the value of a traineeship.

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