Mastery programs for professionals

Mastery instead of leadership.

Mastery suits the development of professionals and experts perfectly. Often development programs are aimed at developing leadership, but for professionals this is often not a goal in itself. By focusing the development towards mastery you will look for your personal style, more impact and deepening in your expertise.

The curious expert

The transition of being an expert to mastery means that you will act more intuitively and rely more on your experience and wisdom. One key characteristic is that as an expert (when you thought you knew everything) you will learn that you actually don’t know all and you start to ask questions again. You will learn and become curious again. Out of this curiosity you are better capable of asking the right questions, act more autonomously and focus more on the impact that really matters.

In company programs for experts, professionals and employees.

As an organisation you see that your experts are becoming more and more important. Not so much their leadership, but even more so their expertise is vital for the organisation. Therefor it is important to invest more in them by offering impactful development programs. You want to get everything out of the professional and make sure that the impact is as big as can be possible. Even though you know that employees do not work their whole career for one organization you want to keep them as long as possible and build a close relationship. The School for Mastery can develop and organise custom made programs for deepening en strengthening the expertise of the professionals.

What do you actually learn?

We assume that the professional has already reached a solid level in their profession. The professional will develop skills that are important to bring the expertise to the next level. You can think of focus, making choices, creative thinking, self reflection and cooperation. It builds on personal development and aims to deepen it and increase impact. Impact that matters and which goes beyond simply performing good results. You also learn how you can integrate your profession with your personality and develop your personal, recognisable style.

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